due to various reasons, I’m dropping UDD, and reducing the weekly chapter number of MGE to 1 chapter/week on Mondays.


A certain Josh had Donated 10 USD. So I’m going to reimburse the 10 USD to the said Josh.



Bye, have a beautiful time


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4 thoughts on “Announcement

  1. Welp, there goes 2 good books, can’t stay inf
    Terested if I can only read a chapter a week

  2. Hey Jachapingguo,

    I really enjoy(ed) your translation of Mechanical God Emperor. So thank you for that!
    I just recently binged through it. I believe it has so few readers because simply almost nobody knows of its existence.

    But now that you’ve reduced the speed of translation tremendously, it will be impossible to keep readers. Don’t get me wrong; you don’t owe anybody the translation or anything.

    But with 1 chapter per week it would take 26.7 YEARS to be finished… considering it won’t be dropped etc..

    Tbh. it’s just not worth reading at this kind of pace. Who knows how many new novels are out after 10 years which learned from the original etc..

    I just want to say; that instead of occupying the series which would take several decades to finnish, you could try to get employed by qidian (webnovel dot com) to get money for your work -> and so more motivation/time to actually translate it… Or you could drop it for someone else to pick up…

    With your current tl speed of 1 chapter per week it’s just almost impossible that any of the current readers will EVER see the end. Who knows how many of us will die in the next 27 years? Who knows when WWIII will begin or if the internet has so many restrictions that a simple google search requires connections to politicians, blood samples and a huge amount of cash…. 27 years….. Anything could happen. In the best case (for readers) there will be perfect automatic translation technology…. in the worst case humanity (or all life on earth) will die out till then…

    Well, if you don’t have interest in translating it…. You should at least try to enjoy those last ~27 years of life on earth instead or torturing yourself and those few readers who can stay interested with this kind of speed.

    Have a happy life and ty for tling!

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