Mechanical God Emperor – 42

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42 – St. Kaulin City

Yang Feng’s eyebrows creased slightly as he slowly thought: “Gria was separated by a layer, it shouldn’t be that easy to find me, right?

Divination was mysterious and strange, it basically wasn’t something that mortals like Yang Feng could ward off. The only way to ward off Divination was by means of a secret treasure or promote to a level-1 Warlock, only then might Yang Feng be able to ward off the power of Divination.

For the current Yang Feng, the ancient god’s treasure-trove wasn’t too important. His current top priority lied in cultivating until level-1 Warlock.

Every god rank expert possessed a terrifying power that by far surpassed that of a Great Warlock, a treasure-trove left by such an expert would be extremely dangerous. The reason why Yang Feng didn’t want to enter the ancient god’s treasure-trove was because he could get cursed and then die.

“Two secret treasures, pretty good!” Yang Feng looked at the two secret treasures beside him, and within his eyes flashed a trace of content.

Secret treasure was a generic term for items, with extraordinary power, refined by Alchemists. In the definition of Warlock Dynasties, even if it was an artifact used by a god, it still would be a secret treasure, albeit a high-level one.

Secret treasures were extremely rare, most of them were in the hands of official Warlocks. After Yang Feng took down Black Cottage, he also only obtained 2 level-1 secret treasures and 5 level-0 secret treasures. After he disposed of those 2 level-2 Warlocks, he only obtained 1 level-2 secret treasure.

<Blood Blade, level-1 secret treasure.>

<Attributes: hardness 1, armor damage 1, magic damage 1, sharpness 1.>

Yang Feng picked up Gria’s blade and soon after a series of notifications appeared on his eyeglasses.

<Black Magic Staff, level-1 secret treasure.>

<Annexed with the level-1 spell Dark Fog 0/1. Needs to be recharged.>

Yang Feng touched the magic staff of the Warlock dressed in a black robe and a series of notifications appeared once again.

Yang Feng’s eyebrows creased slightly: “The secret treasure needs to be charged, with my current strength, I’m basically unable to use it.”

Those secret treasures that need to be charged, could only be used after being charged – in order to charge them, one had to comprehend and master their spells. Level-1 spells were still too difficult for Yang Feng.

Among secret treasures, in addition to the secret treasures that needed to be charged, there were still secret treasures with a permanent automatic recovery. Those secret treasures that could automatically recover a set amount of magic every they, didn’t need to be charged and anyone could use them. Such secret treasures were more precious and rarer than the chargeable secret treasures.

“Even though this Blood Blade is good, but compared to a pistol, the attack range is too limited! For the current me, a pistol is more suitable than this Blood Blade.” Yang Feng picked up the Blood Blade and brandished it several times as he thought with some regret.

No matter how high one’s fighting strength was, one gunshot would take one out. Even if was a Knight rank or a Great Knight rank expert, as long as Yang Feng had a 9mm silver pistol in his hand, when shot, if they didn’t die then they would be disabled. If Yang Feng used the Blood Blade to fight with people, then even a low-level Warrior could take care of him.

After the majority of the formidable bandits of Hunting Fangs Wilderness were taken care of by Yang Feng in that battle, the entire Hunting Fangs Wilderness’ bandits didn’t dare to provoke this tyrannical huge caravan once again.

After the caravan smoothly crossed the Hunting Fangs Wilderness, there hadn’t been any major incidents from the time when they passed through a few cities and then finally arrived at Warlock College Antalya’s St. Kaulin City.

“This is St. Kaulin City? So majestic!” Yang Feng was beneath St. Kaulin City, raised his head and looked at that majestic and extremely large city with eyes brimming with shock.

St. Kaulin City’s wall soared up to 100m, it was completely cast of steel rock. The wall surround the whole St. Kaulin City.

Above the wall of St. Kaulin City, there was a Warlock Tower every few kilometers. Those one after another Warlock Towers formed St. Kaulin City’s impregnable line of defense.

Majestic large cities such as St. Kaulin City, even if it were to be in the modern day Earth, there also wouldn’t be a lot of countries capable of build them.

Gars said proudly: “It’s only natural, this St. Kaulin City is indeed one of the six miracle cities of our Turandot Subcontinent. The six miracle cities are said to be an inheritance from the 7th Dynasty. Even if they are to be placed on the main continent, the six miracle cities would not fall to far behind.”

A radiance flashed past Yang Feng’s eyes as he thought in his heart: “In other words, cities such as St. Kaulin City aren’t anything special in the main continent! This world’s Warlocks are truly formidable!”

“Hang on, please show me your passage certificate!” A warrior guarding the gate stopped Yang Feng, he glanced at the 6m tall mechanical Bladed-troop standing beside Yang Feng, his complexion had a slight change and his voice also became slightly respectful.

With a 6m tall mechanical golem guarding him, the warrior absolutely couldn’t provoke such a Sir. But after he saw the long caravan behind Yang Feng, he only could summon his courage, step forward and stop Yang Feng.

Yang Feng waved his hand, Jim his temporary manager stepped forward and handed the passage certificate to the warrior.

“Please come in!” The passage certificate was issued by the level-2 Warlock Eudorax. After the warrior inspected the passage certificate, his complexion had once more a slight change and he let them through.

Once they entered St. Kaulin City, Yang Feng then saw vast and flat passages emerge before his eyes. On the roads, comparable to those of modern day Earth, drove luxurious carriages completely cast in steel and modern vehicles that were 90% similar to sports cars.

Yang Feng looked at those vehicles that were just like Earth’s sports cars and within his eyes flashed a trace of astonishment as he cried out involuntarily: “Those vehicles, how are they so different from the carriages?”

Gars gave an introduction while somewhat envious: “Those are magic sports cars! They are one of 6th Warlock Dynasty alchemical products. These puppies are faster and safer than carriages. Not even talking about their high purchasing cost, just their consumption of magic stones for propulsion, every 200Km would require 1 magic stone – only official Warlocks or the peak aristocrats can afford those magic sports cars.”

An inferior magic stone was equivalent to 100 gold coins. The consumption for every every 200Km of driving consumed 1 magic stone – such a high consumption, basically wan’t something that ordinary aristocrats could afford.

Yang Feng stared at a magic sports car as he was thinking: “Magic sports cars! Magic carpets! This World of Warlocks is truly high-end!”

Trees were planted on either side of the vast and flat road, they were up to 5m tall and had a glass-like transparent cover – waves of fragrance were emitted from those trees.

Gars pointed at the trees on either side of the road and introduced them to Yang Feng and those lesser aristocratic youngsters: “These trees are Sun Light Trees! 7th Warlock Dynasty transplanted them from a plane with countless rare and strange species of trees. After these Sun Light Trees absorb enough sunshine during the day, during the night their fruits will then bloom with beautiful radiance, brightly lighting St. Kaulin City – making the city appear as if it had no night!”

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